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Even under the best of circumstances, the trucking industry has a tendency to overextend its resources to boost profits. In an economic crisis, truck drivers and their employers alike turn to increasing mileage in the shortest possible time in order to keep afloat. This can lead to a higher risk of truck accidents because of speeding and driver fatigue. Big rigs, or 18-wheelers, in particular are a menace to other motorists when drivers engage in risky behavior because of the sheer size and weight of the vehicles. Overfatigue has been identified as the leading cause of truck accidents on Wisconsin highways.

Because of the nature of the industry, the tendency is to sacrifice safety for productivity. Federal and state lawmakers attempted to curb this tendency, at least in terms of driver fatigue, by implementing regulations on the number of hours a commercial vehicle (CV) driver can legally put in, and how much rest is required.

However, both drivers and their employers routinely circumvent these regulations by falsifying log records on their rest and work hours. Inevitably, this will lead to catastrophic accidents that may well expose drivers and trucking companies to criminal charges as well as personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits.

But proving that there was negligence involved that led to driver over-fatigue is not at all easy unless an immediate investigation is carried out at the scene of an accident. This will ensure that evidence is preserved and that the circumstances of the incident are properly documented. Personal injury lawyers are especially adept at ensuring that the interests of victims of trucking accidents are protected. Contact a truck accident lawyer immediately if you or someone you know is ever involved in a truck accident where the driver was negligent. You need legal representation in your area in Wisconsin to ensure that you have a good case against those who caused you serious pain and suffering.

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