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There are about 3.3 million elders, accident victims needing rehabilitation and therapy, and mentally disabled young adults residing in 16,000 nursing home facilities all across the United States. Every day, these residents require the care and assistance of registered/licensed nurses, nurse aides and staff in performing even the most basic daily routine of bathing, eating and others.

Thousands of nursing homes, however, do not have enough personnel to guarantee quality performance on all the tasks required by the residents. Thus, instead of genuine care and physical/emotional comfort from their supposed-to-be caretakers many, rather, suffer physical, emotional, sexual (and even financial) abuses from over-worked and stressed-out aides and staff.

Among the types of abuses, sexual is considered to be the most wicked; however, due to shame, threats and difficulty on the part of the abused in explaining his/her unpleasant experience (for fear of being suspected of simply suffering from dementia), this abuse becomes the least reported and it is not easy to detect either.

Fondling, forced nudity, display of pornographic materials, forcing another resident to touch or kiss the victim and forced penetrative acts often accompany this type of abuse. Some probable ways of detecting sexual abuse is by observing the patient for any sudden change in his/her attitude or behavior, over-sensitivity to touch, fear and unexplained scars.

Often, the defense mechanism of sexual victims, to make it appear, as well as convince themselves, that nothing is really happening is by warding-off any thoughts about the abuse and casting an appearance of calmness and composure.

Nursing home abuse is now considered a crime and many states would even charge abusers with felony if proven guilty of the crime. This move is to help minimize the number of abuses committed against nursing home residents each year.

There are also moves to help families find a really good nursing home for their elderly loved ones. In fact a list of the Best Nursing Homes is available in federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The government has already identified at least 3,000 good nursing home facilities all across the US. The determining factors considered by the government in identifying whether one home is good or not are quality care, number of staffing (licensed nurses and nurse aides) and health inspections. Detailed information on the best nursing homes and the states where they can be found can be seen in this website.

If you believe your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse, the best move is to act immediately. Contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss your situation. An experienced attorney will be able to help you through this difficult and confusing time, making sure that you are getting the best representation.

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