Juvederm Smoothens the Way

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Dermal fillers do exactly what they sound like: they fill the skin. Juvederm is one type of dermal filler which is used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons to manage the wrinkles and folds that come with aging and sun exposure. It is an injectable product mostly composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin and tendons of mammals so it is all natural. Juvederm is mostly used to soften smile lines around the nose and mouth, as well as fill in scars.  It can also be used to plump up the lips in lip augmentation procedures.

Juvederm was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the middle of 2006. It is gel-like in consistency and comes in a variety of thickness. Since it is an all-natural product, Juvederm is eventually absorbed by the body so whatever improvements it had done will disappear after 6 months to one year. Repeated injections will be required to achieve the desired results again.

The use of hyaluronic acid as a skin filler was first discovered by Columbia University scientists John Palmer and Karl Meyer in 1934. The first sources of hyaluronic acid came from cow eyes. Aside from dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid is also used in baking, as treatment for wounds, eye surgery and joint pain.

Juvederm compared favorably with a bovine-based injectable facial filler when it was being tested by the FDA. It was found to be more efficacious in correcting facial folds in patients, as well as safe to use, perhaps because it is cross-linked, in which the hyaluronic acid is chemically bonded to form a gel, making its filling and hydration effects last longer. In its natural form, hyaluronic acid will be absorbed by the body in about 30 minutes.

Juvederm is currently one of the dermal fillers of choice because of its cross-linked properties and efficacy. It is used in primarily in the US.

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The Real Experts in Custom Pool Design and Construction

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The Real Experts in Custom Pool Design and Construction

If you cannot have the time to go to an exotic island paradise for a wonderful vacation and great fun with your family or friends, then why not have an identical landscape of that paradise built right in your own backyard and get the chance to enjoy as much as you want anytime you like? With today’s designers and builders of custom pools the chance of having your dream pool and a really beautiful landscape within your property is very much within your reach.

Whether you need a new pool built or an old pool and your backyard renovated, you will surely love the outcome of the pool project these expert builders will do for you. You can also rest assured that every project they accept, they accomplish with guaranteed workmanship and a high level of efficiency that will save property owners, like you, time and money. The projects are also well constructed that whatever is built, whether a perfectly beautiful pool, a magnificent landscape or outdoor fixtures like fire pits / fireplaces, pergolas, outdoor kitchens or gazebos, would require low-maintenance and would undoubtedly be the envy of your neighbors and friends.

Expert custom pool designers and builders know just how essential relaxation is for hard workers like you; they likewise understand how important having quality time with your family or being able to spend great time with your peers is. Thus, the pool that will be built or renovated, as well as all other fixtures, will be according to your specifications and chosen design.

However, just to make sure that you never end up contacting just any pool builder, make sure that the one you contact has a workforce that is highly-skilled and stable, offers an “owner supervised construction” and has a certified engineer for a designer to make sure that your pool, besides providing real comfort and beauty, would function perfectly and be without flaws that can cause swimming pool injuries. Injuries incurred from poorly designed swimming pools may be someone else’s fault. In this case, it is important to hold the responsible party accountable and pursue financial compensation for your injuries.

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