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Accidents do happen, no matter how careful a person can be. And when they do, almost every employee worry about how they can cover for the cost of medications and loss of salary due to rehabilitation after the accident. Don’t worry, because the law states that each employee are covered by the workers compensation.

What is Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation, also called workers comp, is a type of insurance system set up by the state to protect the employees in cases of workplace injuries. It is required by law that employees are to participate in workers compensation, and when they do, the employees forfeit their option to sue their employee for workplace injuries.

Once a company has failed to carry the workers comp benefits, or otherwise follow a regulation of the state regarding these benefits, the company can be vulnerable to paying these compensations from their own pockets, or they can be subject to penalties imposed by the state.

What Are Important Things You Need to Know?

It is vital to file a claim for workers compensation immediately after you have been injured, regardless of whether it is a temporary or permanent injury. It is typically 30 days after the injury or illness began that the claim can be viewed as valid.

If you have questions about your compensation or benefits, or just any inquiries that you would like to clear up, you can contact the Workers’ Compensation Board of your state, or the Department of Labor or the Social Security Administration. They can also help you in filing a claim.

Try asking what your company’s insurance coverage can provide, and compute the benefits you will receive if you get injured in your job. If you think that what you will receive will not be enough to maintain your lifestyle, consider purchasing a personal disability insurance or a supplemental coverage. Don’t wait until you get injured on the job.


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