Dealing with Insurance Agent Negligence

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Besides our health, insurance is one of the first things we think of in the aftermath of a car accident. Insurance can help us get our lives back on track after a collision, helping us offset the cost of any damage we may have caused or damages that may have been caused by others. Insurance can help a car accident become an inconvenience rather than a complete financial burden.

There are, however, situations in which dealing with insurance can become a nightmare. Imagine making a panicked call to your insurance company after a brutal car accident only to find out the insurance policy that you selected doesn’t offer the coverage you believed you were getting. This, unfortunately, happens to drivers often. This is a situation of insurance agent negligence.

Fortunately, if you believe you are a victim of insurance agent negligence, you do have options. With the help of an attorney, you can hold not only the agent who sold you the insurance liable but the insurance company that they work for liable too. Keep reading to learn how you can do just that, as well as more about insurance agent negligence itself. This information may become invaluable in the future — it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Signs of Insurance Agent Negligence

An easy way to gain a better understanding of insurance agent negligence is to recognize the signs. If any of the following situations match the behavior of your insurance agent, you may have an insurance agent negligence claim.

  • Not only has your agent failed to provide you the insurance you believe you agreed to, but they failed to notify you of this failure
  • The agent mislead you when you initially selected your insurance, making you believe you would be receiving different coverage than what is actually provided
  • The agent failed to renew your policy or let you know about a replacement policy if your coverage was not eligible for a renewal
  • Your insurance agent did not send any notification of your claim

As with any list, this is not completely exhaustive. The bottom line is that any time you do not receive the coverage you believe you signed up for, you may have a situation of insurance agent negligence on your hands.

Next Steps

If you believe that you have fallen victim to insurance agent negligence, the first thing you should do is reach out to an attorney like the experts at Grisham & Kendall, PLLC. An attorney is the best person to talk to. Not only will an attorney be able to help you avoid paying any medical bills that you believed would be covered by insurance, but they will also hold your agent and their employer accountable for their actions. This can help keep the same situation from happening to others.

When selecting an attorney, you should pick one with years of experience. Experienced attorneys will know the best arguments to help you win your case, and will often know how to deal with the behavior of insurance companies.

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La necesidad de un buen abogado

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Consulte con nuestros abogados para ahorrar tiempo y dinero. El huracán María destruyo miles de casa en 2017. Puerto Rico no ha sido igual desde el huracán. El país perdió más de tres mil personas como consecuencia del huracán. Sin embargo, es importante tener en cuenta que ha habido cierta controversia sobre el recuento total de muertes. Muchos críticos atribuyen esto a una falta de protocolo. En comparación, se cree que el huracán Katrina, que azotó la costa del golfo en 2005, mató entre 1,000 y más de 1,800 personas. Los daños causados por el huracán se estimaron en más de 90 mil millones de dólares. La electricidad se cortó al 100 por ciento de la isla, y el acceso a agua limpia y alimentos se limitó para la mayoría.

Después de un ano, Puerto Rico no se ha recuperado. El huracán María fue la peor tormenta en Puerto Rico en más de 80 años, y llegó solo dos semanas después de que el huracán Irma pasara justo al norte de la isla y dejo a un millón de personas sin electricidad. Los dos elementos principales de la economía de Puerto Rico, la agricultura y el turismo, han sido devastados por la tormenta.

El huracán Maria es el huracán más fuerte que ha golpeado a Puerto Rico en 80 años. Después del huracán, los puertorriqueños enfrentaron una escasez de alimentos y agua. Los negocios y las escuelas fueron cerradas debido a daños excesivos a los edificios. Los hospitales y otros edificios públicos también siguen muy dañados. El huracán María también golpeó la República Dominicana, Haití y las Islas Turcas y Caicos. El resultado fue inundaciones en esos países.

Se estima que casi medio millón de residentes abandonarán la isla para fines de 2019, como resultado directo de la devastación de María. Pero la mayoría de los puertorriqueños se comprometen a permanecer para recuperarse, sin importar cuánto demore.

Después del huracán, usted presenta un reclamo por el daño con su compañía de seguro. La compañía de seguro asignara el reclamo a un ajustador. Pero puede durar varios días antes de que el ajustador se contacte con usted. Cuando por fin escuche del ajustador, él o ella mandara a un representante a su casa para evaluar el daño.

Recuerde que el ajustador trabaja para la compañía de seguros y intentara de minimizar el costo para la compañía. El ajustador no está de su lado. Ellos representan a la compañía de seguros y están entrenados para operar en el mejor interés de la compañía.

A menudo, el representante de seguros no tiene la experiencia necesaria para comprender cuánto costará en realidad reparar, reemplazar o arreglar su propiedad, ya sea casas, estructuras comerciales, iglesias, barcos, casas rodantes, etc.

Lo que vemos que ocurre regularmente es que el dinero que le ofrecen no es suficiente para reemplazar lo que ha perdido. Creemos que contratar a un abogado es crítico, incluso si no somos nosotros. Nuestro equipo está especializado en este tipo de casos y se aseguraran que usted obtenga un resultado favorable para usted y su familia. Aprende más por contactándonos hoy.

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What Kind of Cases Fall Under Personal Injury?

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Most of us spend very little time thinking about the law and lawyers. We see the occasional advertisement for a lawyer on TV or on a billboard, we watch the occasional TV show or movie about a lawyer, but otherwise, the law and lawyers don’t really affect our lives every day and we just don’t put much interest into this area.

However, that lack of understanding about the law, particularly personal injury law, can cause serious problems when something awful happens. If you’re in an accident, you will very suddenly realize that you should have paid a bit more attention to how the law works long before now.

However, it’s fairly easy to catch up on what you need to know. After all, you don’t have to master the legal system; you just need to know when it’s right to contact a lawyer to help you. So, let’s start your legal education by going over just what personal injury law involves and what kind of cases should come to a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury cases involve any situation in which a person is harmed because another person acted maliciously or negligently. Those cases can take all kinds of forms. To go over some of the most common, we’ll look at the cases a successful personal injury law firm might take. In this case, we’ll look at the cases Adams Law Firm say they can help their clients with. Those cases include:

  • Birth injuries
  • Car accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Trucking accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • Boating accidents
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Medical malpractice
  • Oil field and offshore injuries
  • Swimming pool filter explosions
  • Workplace injuries

Now, many of the above are self-explanatory, but some may need further explanation. For instance, birth injuries refer to mistakes made during the delivery of a child. The at-fault party who you sue may be the doctor, the nurse, or other medical professionals. When their negligence leads to a serious injury to a newborn child, it’s time to contact a personal injury lawyer.

Similarly, if any kind of negligence leads to a particularly catastrophic injury, such as an injury to the spine or head trauma, you should probably contact a personal injury lawyer. These injuries can lead to long-term problems which can be very expensive, and a lawsuit may be the only way you can pay for your medical bills.

It’s important to point out that these are not the only kinds of cases that can exist in personal injury law, they are just the most common. The basic rule is, once again, that any negligent or malicious action that leads to an injury can lead to a personal injury case.

Knowing if you have a case is the first step towards getting the legal assistance you need. Hopefully, now you at least know whether you should contact a personal injury lawyer. The next step is finding the right one.

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They’ve Poisoned the Pills

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I bought a bottle of painkillers the other day, and I think they’ve made me sick. I need to know if I should see a doctor about it. I don’t have very good insurance, so I don’t want to take that step, but I feel awful, and I’m beginning to worry.

Here’s the background. I had a headache a few days ago, Wednesday I think it started, and I decided I would get some acetaminophen. It was off-brand, one of the store brands. I don’t have the bottle handy, so I can’t recall which. Anyway, I took the pills, and I expected the pain to go away, but it didn’t, in fact, it got worse.

Now, the thing is, I usually hate taking pills. I wouldn’t say I have a phobia about them, but I really don’t like it. I don’t keep any at home, and I only buy the tiny little bottles when I’m desperate so I can throw away everything I don’t use and not feel guilty about the waste.

But, I’ve now gone through most of the bottle, and my headache isn’t just the same, it’s much worse. And I’ve developed a nauseous feeling as well in the pit of my stomach. My eyes are always a little bad, but I think my vision might be a little blurrier as well.

With all this happening, I stopped taking the pills today, but the symptoms have continued, and I worry that I’ve been poisoned. I’m sure a normal headache would have cleared up by now.

I’m going to give it just one more day, and then I’m going to have to risk it and go to a doctor. I’m terrified about what I’ll find out. Hopefully, it’ll clear up by then.

I really feel someone has to hold these companies responsible. My mother had an ulcer because of some Advil she took in her youth, that’s what’s warned me off painkillers all my life. And now I’ve taken some out of desperation, I see I had it right in the first place.

Where’s the regulation? There’s no way such a big market is regulated well in this country, and it’s just crying out for someone to strike up a lawsuit and to publicize the problem. I hate to think how many other people are lying ill right now because of the same problem. I’m not naive enough to think it was just my particular bottle. It was probably everything on that conveyor belt that day. There could be thousands who feel as bad or worse than me.

If anyone else is having these symptoms, contact me. Hopefully, we all pull through and we can get some justice for this.

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Saving Nursing Home Residents from Sexual and Other Abuses

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There are about 3.3 million elders, accident victims needing rehabilitation and therapy, and mentally disabled young adults residing in 16,000 nursing home facilities all across the United States. Every day, these residents require the care and assistance of registered/licensed nurses, nurse aides and staff in performing even the most basic daily routine of bathing, eating and others.

Thousands of nursing homes, however, do not have enough personnel to guarantee quality performance on all the tasks required by the residents. Thus, instead of genuine care and physical/emotional comfort from their supposed-to-be caretakers many, rather, suffer physical, emotional, sexual (and even financial) abuses from over-worked and stressed-out aides and staff.

Among the types of abuses, sexual is considered to be the most wicked; however, due to shame, threats and difficulty on the part of the abused in explaining his/her unpleasant experience (for fear of being suspected of simply suffering from dementia), this abuse becomes the least reported and it is not easy to detect either.

Fondling, forced nudity, display of pornographic materials, forcing another resident to touch or kiss the victim and forced penetrative acts often accompany this type of abuse. Some probable ways of detecting sexual abuse is by observing the patient for any sudden change in his/her attitude or behavior, over-sensitivity to touch, fear and unexplained scars.

Often, the defense mechanism of sexual victims, to make it appear, as well as convince themselves, that nothing is really happening is by warding-off any thoughts about the abuse and casting an appearance of calmness and composure.

Nursing home abuse is now considered a crime and many states would even charge abusers with felony if proven guilty of the crime. This move is to help minimize the number of abuses committed against nursing home residents each year.

There are also moves to help families find a really good nursing home for their elderly loved ones. In fact a list of the Best Nursing Homes is available in federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The government has already identified at least 3,000 good nursing home facilities all across the US. The determining factors considered by the government in identifying whether one home is good or not are quality care, number of staffing (licensed nurses and nurse aides) and health inspections. Detailed information on the best nursing homes and the states where they can be found can be seen in this website.

If you believe your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse, the best move is to act immediately. Contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss your situation. An experienced attorney will be able to help you through this difficult and confusing time, making sure that you are getting the best representation.

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How to Avoid a Single Vehicle Motorcycle Accident

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A single vehicle motorcycle accident does not happen as often as a two-vehicle collision but it still happens once for every four motorcycle accidents. The usual reason is collision with a stationary object or taking a turn too fast, but more than two-thirds of it is due to driver error.

It is easy to avoid a single vehicle motorcycle accident because there is only one party involved! According to personal injury attorney, Ali Mokaram, you just need to follow a few simple rules and you should be okay on the day, every day.

1. Don’t speed. Motorcycles are inherently unstable and incredibly maneuverable, so an experienced driver would find it very tempting to go out full throttle at every available chance. The problem with speeding is that it shortens your reaction time to a split second. If something unexpected comes up, such as a deer or other animal on the road, chances are you will not be able to stop or swerve in time, and you will end up wiping out.

2. Watch that turn. In most cases, you are probably all right when it comes to turns and twists on the road, but these are the points where you are most likely to make a mistake by going too fast, leaning too much to one side or failing to recover your balance on time. Pay attention at these points most especially.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol.

4. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles. It’s pretty easy to tip a motorcycle over or make it wobble when a large vehicle like a truck zooms by. As much as possible, avoid lanes where vehicles pass on both sides. Choose the leftmost lane if there’s a shoulder; that’s the safest lane. Don’t stay on the rightmost; that’s where most vehicles exit to and merge with traffic. A wipeout on the highway will not end well for you.

5. Keep your motorcycle well maintained. If your machine works well, you can rely on it stopping when you need it to, executing turns precisely, and keeping you on the road rather than smeared on it.

6. Be visible. A single vehicle motorcycle accident all frequently occurs because other vehicles don’t see you and violates your travel space or otherwise forces you to wipe out or to swerve dangerously. Wear a bright-colored jacket, and favor chrome facings on your ride.

7. Wear safety gear. In case the worse happens and you wipe-out or hit a hedge, you should be wearing a helmet, heavy boots, gloves and denim or leather pants. Ninety-six percent of all single vehicle motorcycle accidents end up in some type of injury. If you do have a single vehicle motorcycle accident, it should at least not be a fatal one.


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Storming Through Residential Property Claims

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Smith Kendall PLLCIt is undeniable that the frequency of natural and other disasters have been on the rise, and homeowners are relying on their insurers to help them through the wet patches when the time comes. Unfortunately, not all insurers welcome residential property claims with open arms even when it is clearly provided for in the policy. Many homeowners find it baffling when they first make residential property claims that the insurance company they’ve been forking money out to promptly year after year without fuss would not extend the same courtesy.

What most homeowners don’t realize is that the primary goal of any insurance company is not to protect its clients, despite what their commercials might say. Their main concern is to make money, so it is not in their bst interest to pay out a claim.

Insurance companies even have an acronym for what they routinely do: 3Ds. This stands for Delay, Deny, Defend. Don’t be surprised if your insurance company gives you the run-around; that’s what they’re trained to do. If they deny your residential property claims altogether, it won’t be at once, and it won’t be in clear language. There will be a lot of hemming and hawing and shuffling about before they finally tell you they are not paying for your damages. They do this because they’re hoping you will just get frustrated and go away. When you do get mad about not getting what you know you are entitled to, they stick to their guns and their lawyers.

Well, two can play at that game. If you think that your insurance company is putting the 3Ds on you, come right back at them with a residential property claims lawyer in Dallas who knows where to hit them where it hurts most: their pockets. Don’t give up and go away. An experienced attorney will be able to make your case before the civil court and get you the money for the repairs you need to do, and with a little extra for the inconvenience and costs of litigation.

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Juvederm Smoothens the Way

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Dermal fillers do exactly what they sound like: they fill the skin. Juvederm is one type of dermal filler which is used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons to manage the wrinkles and folds that come with aging and sun exposure. It is an injectable product mostly composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin and tendons of mammals so it is all natural. Juvederm is mostly used to soften smile lines around the nose and mouth, as well as fill in scars.  It can also be used to plump up the lips in lip augmentation procedures.

Juvederm was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the middle of 2006. It is gel-like in consistency and comes in a variety of thickness. Since it is an all-natural product, Juvederm is eventually absorbed by the body so whatever improvements it had done will disappear after 6 months to one year. Repeated injections will be required to achieve the desired results again.

The use of hyaluronic acid as a skin filler was first discovered by Columbia University scientists John Palmer and Karl Meyer in 1934. The first sources of hyaluronic acid came from cow eyes. Aside from dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid is also used in baking, as treatment for wounds, eye surgery and joint pain.

Juvederm compared favorably with a bovine-based injectable facial filler when it was being tested by the FDA. It was found to be more efficacious in correcting facial folds in patients, as well as safe to use, perhaps because it is cross-linked, in which the hyaluronic acid is chemically bonded to form a gel, making its filling and hydration effects last longer. In its natural form, hyaluronic acid will be absorbed by the body in about 30 minutes.

Juvederm is currently one of the dermal fillers of choice because of its cross-linked properties and efficacy. It is used in primarily in the US.

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Truck Accidents due to Overfatigue

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Even under the best of circumstances, the trucking industry has a tendency to overextend its resources to boost profits. In an economic crisis, truck drivers and their employers alike turn to increasing mileage in the shortest possible time in order to keep afloat. This can lead to a higher risk of truck accidents because of speeding and driver fatigue. Big rigs, or 18-wheelers, in particular are a menace to other motorists when drivers engage in risky behavior because of the sheer size and weight of the vehicles. Overfatigue has been identified as the leading cause of truck accidents on Wisconsin highways.

Because of the nature of the industry, the tendency is to sacrifice safety for productivity. Federal and state lawmakers attempted to curb this tendency, at least in terms of driver fatigue, by implementing regulations on the number of hours a commercial vehicle (CV) driver can legally put in, and how much rest is required.

However, both drivers and their employers routinely circumvent these regulations by falsifying log records on their rest and work hours. Inevitably, this will lead to catastrophic accidents that may well expose drivers and trucking companies to criminal charges as well as personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits.

But proving that there was negligence involved that led to driver over-fatigue is not at all easy unless an immediate investigation is carried out at the scene of an accident. This will ensure that evidence is preserved and that the circumstances of the incident are properly documented. Personal injury lawyers are especially adept at ensuring that the interests of victims of trucking accidents are protected. Contact a truck accident lawyer immediately if you or someone you know is ever involved in a truck accident where the driver was negligent. You need legal representation in your area in Wisconsin to ensure that you have a good case against those who caused you serious pain and suffering.

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When Air Bags Go Wrong: Auto Defect Injuries

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Cars today are chock full of improvements that Henry Ford probably never even imagined back in the day. Chief among these improvements are safety features such as airbags. And yet airbags are frequently the cause of product recalls because they have been found to be defective. A defective airbag can cause serious injury when it goes off prematurely, fails to deploy, or deploys with excessive force. This is ironic considering that it was designed to prevent injury, not cause them, leading to a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

This type of auto defect is a serious problem for both manufacturers (because of potential civil litigation) and motorists, and there is no real way to detect them until an accident happens. By then, it is usually too late.

The airbag is a cushion or envelop made of a synthetic fabric that is rapidly inflated using sodium azide, a compound that expands into nitrogen gas when it is ignited. The airbag unit is attached to an electrical circuit which is triggered by a sensor when conditions for its activation are met. The time it takes to activate and inflate an airbag is about 1/20th of a second.

In the US, the airbag sensors are configured to activate when a vehicle decelerates at a rate of 23 km/h or more. The sensor is also generally set to activate when a vehicle is on fire and reaches a temperature between 150 and 200 degrees centigrade to prevent the airbag unit from exploding.

Airbags are to be found in most vehicles today, and some cars have as many as four units in various areas. While its effectiveness as a safety feature is high, when an airbag is defective, it can have dire consequences, especially for young children. It seems prophetic that seven fatalities in the first vehicles in the US that were equipped with airbags were attributed to its presence. If you were injured due to a defective airbag, consult an auto defect lawyer to redress your personal injury. Recovering some damages would cushion the effects of serious injuries.

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